2,000 pound tote

Bagged Bulk Popcorn Products:
Totes:  Generally 2,000 to 2,500 pounds each according to customer requirements.  Our tote bags are a convenient and cost-efficient packaging option for purchasing bulk popcorn.

20 to 30 Kilogram Bags:  Fifty pound bags are our most popular packaging option for bagged bulk popcorn sales.  Nine hundred 50 pound bags comprise a full 20 foot container load.  All popcorn varieties are available in our standard or four-color 50 pound bags.

Other Sizes Available:  Please email or call us at 402-887-5335 for information.

Other brands available (owned by Nebraska Popcorn), or, we'll fill your own branded bag.

30 kilograms 50 pounds 20 kilograms 35 pounds 25 pounds

Popcorn Types:

Butterfly Popcorn:  Tasty and versatile, our butterfly types generally feature good hull dispersion, tender texture, excellent flavor and deep yellow color that look great in poly bags and other see-through packages.  Available popping expansions vary according to customer specifications.  Butterfly popcorn types are the most popular and usually the preference with the theater industry and packages of retail poly bags of popcorn.

Premium Gourmet Popcorn:  Premium Gourmet is Morrison Farms' most tender variety.  It is our favorite choice for use in microwave products and other high-quality packaging for in-home use.  Hull dispersion and popping expansion are outstanding in this small to medium kernel variety.

Mushroom Popcorn:  Our Mushroom variety is perfect for commercial caramelizers and poppers.  Its large kernel expands into an attractive mushroom-like ball with a top-notch taste and texture.  Morrison Farms Mushroom Popcorn is hardy enough to withstand coating yet remains tender tasting.

Standard Popcorn:  Morrison Farms Standard Yellow Variety is a great choice for price-sensitive markets.  Our standard category offers a good appearance and its quality exceeds that of most competing price-sensitive brands.

White Popcorn:  Also sometimes referred to as Japanese Hulless white popcorn, our White Popcorn pops into a light, tasty and tender kernel.  Hull dispersion in this variety is excellent, as is the flavor and appearance of its bright white popped kernels.  This specialty product is one of our favorites.

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