Homesteaded in 1883, Morrison Farms
In 1883, Nathan Morrison settled into farming during the Homestead Act, which allowed settlers to eventually own a parcel of land that they developed into farm ground. Frank Nathan Morrison expanded the farming and cattle operations during his full century of life.  Today, generations three, four, and five, (W. Dwight, Frank C., and Brett Morrison respectively, along with wives, sisters, and extended family members) still own that original Homestead parcel and a few more.  All of our farms are irrigated by center pivot irrigation systems.

Incorporated in 1982, Nebraska Popcorn, Inc.
After raising popcorn for several years for other popcorn companies, Frank C. Morrison decided he could do a better job of processing, and began seeking direct customers of his own, largely in countries other than the United States. This company, due mainly, we think, to quality and value, has grown into one of the larger popcorn companies in the United States, and our brand name "Morrison Farms" has appeared in over sixty countries around the world.

So, Frank C. Morrison and Morrison Farms enterred the popcorn industry as a contract grower in 1970, and the company began processing and packaging popcorn under the Morrison Farms label in 1985. While our company has grown into a more complete line of popcorn products, it remains privately owned with Frank as President and his son, Brett, Vice President. We remain committed to quality, personable service and competitive prices. These commitments have enabled us to be flexible and effectively serve our clients, who have ranged from small (one container per year) to the very largest (multiple shipments per month).

When you choose the Morrison Farms Popcorn brand, your purchases are as "direct" as possible. Not only do we continue to grow popcorn at the family farm in Clearwater, NE, but our headquaters, and processing and packaging facilities are located right on the farm as well. Thus, we can take a more active role in hybrid testing, selection and development, and assisting in the management of the crops as they are grown, helping to ensure quality through proper irrigation, minimizing damage through insect control, and minimizing mechanical damage during the harvesting of the raw popcorn.

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